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On the back of a beast that gallops between chaos and harmony, dreamlike and heartbreaking voices mix with visceral riffs and heavy rhythms to compose the ritual that is BONES OF MINERVA, a group from the Sierra de Madrid.

In 2017 they released their first album "Blue Mountains". After exhausting all copies and under the labels La Rubia Producciones and Nooirax comes a deluxe reissue on CD and vinyl that
includes two new songs: Privilege and Vehemence. Blue Mountains leads them to forge their place on the national scene, stepping on the stages of the Resurrection Fest,
Download Madrid or the Kanekas Fest, and also in the United Kingdom and Sweden.

2020 is an opportunity to fully focus on the composition of his second album, in addition to editing a tribute to Map of the Problematique - a song by the British band MUSE - to publicize, as a In summary, the great parenthesis in which we immerse ourselves.

In 2021 they give their first concert in two years at (Parèntesi) by AMFest (Barcelona), sharing the stage with Toundra and Bala, among others.
In May 2022, they released a 7” single with Aloud Music and La Rubia Producciones SWAMP, thus marking a new stage after five years of growth, which is reaffirmed.
with the release of their second full-length album, EMBERS, in September 2022.

The band is made up of Eustaquia (vocals), Chloé (bass), Ruth (guitars) and Nerea (drums).



Maud the Moth emerged in 2010 as the solo project of Amaya López-Carromero, a pianist, singer and composer from Madrid who spent much of her childhood and adolescence studying classical music, writing fantastic stories and recording demos on the living room's sound system. This motivation and vital work is finally channeled through Maud the moth; an alter ego with which to express personal experiences and experiences, and which draws aesthetically from traditional folk, jazz, classical, avant-garde and rock. This rich and broad musical background gives rise to a unique, raw, intimate, and very personal style that has led Maud the moth to participate in the programming of a large number of festivals (Heineken Jazzaldia, Noroeste, Celtic connections, Glasgow International Jazz Festival, Hidden door, Noite Branca, Eden, AMFest etc.) and halls of international fame (Ronnie Scott's, CCCB, Sala Apolo, O2 ABC Glasgow, Lyceum theatre, etc.) both solo and accompanied by her band.
Maud the Moth has released three full-length albums: 'Home Futile Home' (2011) and 'The Inner Wastelands' (2015) as well as a live EP 'Live at the Reid Hall' (2017 ). They have also toured Europe several times (along with the Portuguese Ermo and the Swedish folk jazz duo House of Trees). As an additional note, Maud the moth has more than three million views on digital platforms.
Currently, Amaya lives in Edinburgh (UK) and in 2021 he presented his third full length 'Orphnē', which has been mixed and mastered by Jaime Gómez Arellano (Paradise lost, Ulver, Ghost, Sólstafir, Hexvessel, GOLD).



Danger, lust, sin, guilt, blood... Scarlet, the latest full-length work by the band Rosy Finch is about that, about everything that the color red symbolizes. But it also goes from the vital need to aspire to more and to always go further. The pain will always be there but nothing can stop you from moving on.

Mireia Porto, the band's singer, guitarist and composer, talks about their sound like this: “mixing the genres that I like the most within the metal and rock of the 90's I think has served to give the band that special sound”. As for the lyrics, "I have introduced many personal experiences into them, all related to people who for one thing or another have been in my life and have hurt me, or have marked a very important part of it."

On November 4 they publish un nuevo EP Second Death.The album is a musical journey based on the poem The Divine Comedy where Dante Alighieri travels through Hell, Purgatory and Paradise to reunite with his late beloved Beatrix and discover faith in God.
Throughout this journey the trio executes an eclectic mix of 90s grunge and alternative rock with influences from metal and sludge. At times meditative and spellbinding and at others raging, the band blends heavy riffing and conspiracy to perfection. This is reflected in a live performance where they build their own sound through supernatural melodies and atmospheric chants.
Mireia is accompanied by Juanjo Ufarte on drums (The Dry Mouths / Grajo/Baläte) and Óscar Soler on bass (Pyramidal / Domo).



Como ella misma admite, el estilo de su música es clasindependent dark fusion, un género frankestein en el que organicidad and the sounds of classic instruments merge with contemporary sounds and elements. Es alternative music in which different musical environments coexist such as classical, world music, pop, rock, metal, progressive, etc... all with those who have lived and assimilated.
ALICIA NURHO is an independent artist, with a self-managed project, who fights like a fish against the current of digital noise, illusions of social networks and media vanities. BIPOLAR is a desire to trust people's ability to listen, appreciate the nuances of music and pass them on by word of mouth.



The Zaragoza group Red Bailene recorded 'The Dame' during the summer in the temple of Pozuel de Ariza, a small town that "almost does not appear on the maps"
The recording process has given rise to a documentary that wants to show that "the towns are not going to go back to being what they were, but they continue to have a value that cannot be lost"
"If you do it with love, it's not a sin," Emilia, a neighbor of Pozuel de Ariza (Zaragoza), tells the camera. With the authority given by the years, Samuel Barrena's grandmother gives her approval to what Red Bailene, her grandson's group, did last summer in this remote town on the border between Aragon and Castilla. The band from Zaragoza requested permission to convert the local church into the recording studio for 'The Dame', their new album, for a few days. The project did not stop there and has given rise to a documentary that invites us to reflect on depopulation.
«The room where you pick up the sound marks the essence of the record. Here we were in a 14th century building, made of living stone, where the sound reverberates… This has given character, above all, to the voices and the drums; an expanding sound is generated that later conditions the final mix. The result: a work with eight songs recorded entirely in the temple, plus one of electronic rhythms that, for technical reasons, has been recorded in the studio.
Curiously, and although it was not something intended and explicit, 'The Dame' offers a significant contrast between the setting of its recording and its theme. Thus, Barrena relates, "the album revolves around the witch as a figure that embodies all those people who have been oppressed for reasons of gender, ethnicity, ideology and even religion." The album's presentation single, 'Alive and Brave', gives voice in its lyrics to a witch on the edge of the bonfire who warns her executors that El lugar conditioned the entire process: «In Pozuel we were able to concentrate on the album without interference; it's a place where you slow down and pay attention to details," says the musician. With the blessings of the neighbours, the itinerant priest who travels the region and the sound technician, Karlos Osinaga, the church became a recording studio.» It is something that in a larger population would have been complicated, ”Barrena acknowledges about the procedures with the fire that kill her, but not her ideas.



The Mothercrow is a 60s-70s inspired rock band based in Barcelona. The influences that define the group's sound range from blues and psychedelia to rock with harder overtones from the early 70s. Classic groups such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Dust or Grand Funk Railroad among others, but also current groups such as Radio Moscow, Kadavar, Blues Pills or Graveyard.
The group was born at the end of 2014 when Karen Asensio and Ram Lorenzo met and decided to start a new project that reflects the passion they feel for music. The line-up was then completed in April 2015 with Claudia González on bass and Gerard Fernández on drums. Shortly after, they are selected for the Cabal Musical project of the Taller de Músics de Barcelona, which aims to promote different emerging groups in the city.
In November 2015, within this project they recorded their first EP on ACLAM Records which was co-produced by Artur Cabanas. This one has three songs published in February 2016 that were presented together with his first video clip "The Light".
After several concerts in Barcelona, Catalonia and some foreign intrusion, The Mothercrow went back into the studio to record their second EP, made up of two songs (On the road and Your Hell) released in March 2017, followed by their “On the Road tour” through the peninsula the following months.
In December 2017 the band was completed again with Pep Carabante (Cuzo, Jupiter TV) on drums -who was later replaced by Jaume Darder- and Max Eriksson (Los Apuñálales) on 6 strings, seeking to maintain the spirit of rock and the classic blues at the base but moving towards darker places influenced by the most lysergic psychedelia and the proto-heavy of the 70s.

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Bunker, the last album of SNAKE SISTER, is like a desperate race in which you risk everything: that your murderer catches up with you, that you don't take the plane that will change your life, that you don't get home to turn off the gas you left open ...

Since its inception, the music of SNAKE SISTER is a heartbreaking cry that incites rebellion. Act or die of disgust. His lyrics, his sound and above all, his attitude towards life exude insolence, capturing it in his fourth album.

Ali Snake (vocals and guitar) and Fran LaRubia (bass) are the hard but playful core of the band, which has been active since 2009. Rubén (drums) adds noise to the noise and is in charge of the rhythms where the subversive discourse of the band.

In this work, co-edited by LaRubiaProducciones, Popsonic Recordings and Snake Sister, the reincarnation of Hole from La Mancha, drinks from the sonorous breasts of L7, Legal Weapon or the more contemporary Daddy Issues or Starcrawler.

And they also dare to make a doom version of the Say what they say that Raphael made so famous.

One piece of advice: drink a lot of water and take plenty of vitamins before going to one of their next concerts.



Árida es ROCK, it's NINETY.

Árida are two.

Sara and Javi.

A noisy duo to let their hair down and rip their socks that have shown that a guitar and drums are enough to burn tubes and crack necks.

In 2014 they released 'Cenizas', their first EP produced by Manuel Cabezalí.

A year later they return with 'Un día en línea del oeste', a second EP recorded by Raúl Lorenzo.

After some time on the road and blanket, in November 2016 they enter Estudio Brazil to give birth to their first full length: 'Despertar'.

In February 2019 they publish 'wild days', a second album recorded and mixed by Juan Blas at Westline Studios and mastered by Victor García at Ultramarinos Mastering.

Eight songs full of strength and melody.

In 2022 they return with their third album La Vorágine, a more intimate and sincere album, where they give a new twist compared to their previous works. A total of ten songs that furrow feelings as human as loss and loneliness, the most unspeakable desires and longings, as well as shed hope on new beginnings.

La Vorágine has been recorded and mixed in Westline Studios by Juan Blas and mastered by Javier Roldón en Vacuum Mastering

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The White Planet Patrol is the name of the third complete album by the band from Alicante HORIZON where they remain faithful to their constant style of riff salad.

The album was released on October 16, 2020 and came by the Danish label Cursed Tongue Records in vinyl format. From the CD format, those in charge of bringing us this work were five greats of the Spanish scene: LaRubiaProduccionesAneurysm RecordsDriftwing RecordsViolence in the Veins y Surnia Records. A novelty is that this work has also been presented in cassette format by the Polish label Three Moons Records

Recorded in Red Records Studios (San Isidro, Alicante), the vinyl version is mastered by Tony Reed (Mos Generator, Big Scene Nowhere...) en Heavy Head Recording Co. (Washington).

The band has had again the artistic work of Toni Agustí de Creu Studio y the collaboration of two well-known music scene greats Judit Aliaga (Violines) and Juan Ángel Slang (Synthesizers).

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rheia gorecki

The Galician band Rheia Gorecki formed by Adrián and Catu, have counted for the recording of their first EP, called VVV, with the collaboration of Paula Rego (Agoraphobia) playing and arranging the batteries. In their composition they have been inspired by the most alternative rock, without forgetting the heritage of post rock or other genres such as shoegaze.
The artwork has been created by Xavi Forné from Error! Design.
VVV has been produced, recorded and mixed by Iago Lorenzo (Amplifier, Awooga, Agoraphobia...) and mastered by Robin Schmidt (The Black Keys, Placebo, And So I Watch You From Afar...). It has been co-published by the labels The Braves Records, LaRubiaProducciones, Nooirax Producciones and Quebranta records.
The video of her first single Talk in circles has been made by Yolanda Ataraxia short film based on the images of the short film La serpientefenel from the catalog of the Pablo Ducrós Hicken Film Museum (Buenos Aires), forming part of the project
They have also presented a second video for their song Breathe which has been directed by Lucas Terceiro and Yolanda Ataraxia. It stars Sabela Gauranga and Xiana Vila who explain the meaning of "Breathe" like this:
"Inspiration. Expiration. Detachment. This is the visceral encounter of two bodies and their cardiac disagreement feeling themselves breathe; the anatomy of a duality that is dilutes. However, an irreversibly human frequencies”.



Vanity Rose are a Majorcan band that began their journeys at the end of 2017. A band with very 90s influences that evoke the darkest and dirtiest punk-rock and riot-girl sound of the decade.
Ana Herrero on vocals and guitar, Pablo Berrio de Haro on guitar, Xisco Rosselló on bass and Andrea Trujillo on drums, make up this quartet with a forceful sound, strident distortions and a voice that ranges from sweetness to absolute desperation and rebellion. .
They recorded this their first LP "Rotten Little Thought" at Estudis Favela in December 2020. There are 10 songs full of anger, obsessive thoughts, overcoming, feminism...
Now is the time to share it and leave your skin on stage.



El Quemadero is the first studio album by the band from Almeria BALÄTE. Recorded live on July 3, 4 and 5, 2020 at Desert City Studio (Almería) by Pike Cavalero (musician and producer) who has also mastered and mixed it. To date, the band formed in 2013 had only released one single with the song Stoned Kraken. Despite this, he has a long live tour, opening concerts and sharing the stage with bands such as The Dry Mouths, Grajo, Rosy Finch, Bourbon, Árida, Santo Rostro, Horizon Rotor, among many others.
The eight songs on the album represent the long path traveled by the band since its inception and synthesize the essence of the de BALÄTE sound: a mixture of elements del stoner, doom y el sludge, expressed through a heavy, raw and dense sound, with a strong component of blues in the compositions and a taste for el_cc78cde90  70's rock, in the purest essence of the school inaugurated by Black Sabbath.
The idea of recording live emerges as the best option to encapsulate and recreate the attitude and sound that the band offers live, and aims to become one of the hallmarks of the band's future recordings.
The lyrics of the eight tracks on the album pay tribute to the band's passion for horror and monster B-movies, wild nature in its collision with human beings and the oppressive atmosphere of their homeland, Almería, as well as the black legend and the local myths of it. In fact, the album cover is a psychedelic interpretation of the so-called “Ermita de las Ánimas Benditas” (Huécija, Almería), an isolated temple in the interior mountains of Almería, a place where every year a pilgrimage takes place to ask for to the spirits of the dead and the ancestors that end the sorrows and miseries of life in exchange for an offering. This is consistent with the album title, as a metaphor for Baläte's long and difficult path to the recording of this album.

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The vocalist Dolores Mateo and members of DemisedThe Holeum y wake give life in 2020 a THE BLACK TREE.

In November 2021 they released Any Light?, the debut EP of the band that increases the excellent bunch of artists who work hand in hand with the record label_LaRubiaProducciones to shake other people's ears and/or hair.


The design is the cover of Ninth Circle Design y has been based on a photo of Pascual Mateo Guardiola.

This work, which results from a mixture of styles such as post rock, post metal, progressive rock, doom, dark folk..., has been mixed in Gipuzkoa en Auryn Studios and mastered in Sweden by Dan Swano (Ghost, Nightingale, Unicorn...).

Already in 2020 they presented themselves to the world with the video-single Remaining Dark.

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Mixing mainly stoner, doom and psychedelia, LaRubiaProducciones co-edits this his first album with other labels worthy of this witchcraft such as Quebranta Records, Violence in the Veins, Ritvalprods and Spinda Records.

LUNAVIEJA are: Stefy (drums); Luke (guitar); Paco (bass and vocals); Javi (keyboards and voice).

His first self-titled album, which was released on March 25, 2022, has been produced, recorded and mixed by Fran Corpas at Void Sound Studio. The drums have been recorded by Jesús Gómez at Green Cross Studio (Spain).

The artwork is the work of Paco L. González Anaya.


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