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Rheia Gorecki

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Bones of Minerva

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h e a l t h y l i v i n g:

Second pressing is here!

Santo Rostro new album

Spanish psych-doom rockers SANTO ROSTRO are back in business with their 4th studio album 'Después no habrá nada'

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The first novel


Nerea walks nervous and drunk on the roof of the emblematic Torres Blancas building. It is the Madrid of 1984, at the time of the much maligned and never well considered “movida madrileña”. While waiting for the best moment to jump into the void, he tries to find the necessary motivation and strength to help him do it. Disappointment, despair, disenchantment... Is there something that prevents you from doing it? Is there a reason why I should NOT jump? Andrea Feldman did it before her and had her five minutes of glory which, as her good friend Warhol said, is what we all seek and need. KK, her soulmate and misdeeds, worried about her disappearance, desperately searches for her in the places they used to hang out when they still had a good time together.

Suicide in love with life is actually an allegory, the rise & fall of the “Movida Madrid”: they all killed her and she died alone. But in a tragicomic version and with a thirteen soundtrack. Because music intensifies everything. And in the 80s, in a very special way.




A diving boat. A patera. A meeting. Yemoja and Poseidon. Europe and Africa. The sea of Formentera accompanies this story of grays and hopes, of blues and disappointments. They are two worlds that bump into each other accidentally and almost without looking into each other's eyes. And who rescues whom? Nobody cares. Everyone has their own conclusions before knowing the end.


Latest releases


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Old Records


In 2021 BONES OF MINERVA have repeated with the one who was already the producer of their debut, Alex Cappa, to record their second full length, EMBERS, in Metropol Studios (Madrid), which has seen la light in September de 2022, being co-published by Aloud Music and LaRubiaProducciones.

At the moment they have advanced two singles: "Swamp" and "Fuego".



MAUD THE MOTH, in his generosity and infinite talents, after a single concert in the Music Hall of the University of Alcalá de Henares, he has left us in the so-called Rubisessions five tracks (three from her latest album Orphne and two from her previous one The Inner Wastelands) in her more intimist version thanks to the care and good work of the producer and musician Scott McLean.

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On November 4 they have presented a new EP with four songs called "SECONDA MORTE". The album is a musical journey based on the poem The Divine Comedy where Dante Alighieri travels through Hell, Purgatory and Paradise to reunite with his late beloved Beatrix and discover faith in God.

Throughout this journey the trio executes an eclectic mix of 90s grunge and alternative rock with influences from metal and sludge. At times meditative and spellbinding and at others raging, the band blends heavy riffing and conspiracy to perfection. This is reflected in a live performance where they build their own sound through supernatural melodies and atmospheric chants.



ARIDA have returned with their third album La Vorágine, a more intimate and sincere album, where they give a new twist to their previous.

La Vorágine has been recorded and mixed in Westline Studios by Juan Blas and mastered by Javier Roldón en Vacuum Mastering.

Atlas Cuerpo is their presentation single

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Mixing mainly stoner, doom and psychedelia, we have co-edited Lunavieja's first album with other labels worthy of this witchcraft such as Quebranta Records, Violence in the Veins, Ritvalprods and Spinda Records.
LUNAVIEJA are: Stefy (drums); Luke (guitar); Paco (bass and vocals); Javi (keyboards and voice).



In 2022 the fourth work of GYOZA, Never rains but it pours, that we have co-edited with the usual suspects.

In March we released Deliverance, a new song in which Marina, the band's drummer, is its main protagonist, which, obviously, we love.


It all started with his first literochabacana silly thing: the LaRubiaProducciones blog. In it, Nerea Larrubia was reflecting her sparkling chronicle of every event on the music scene that was worth her salt and that she honored with her presence. The goal was to be signed by Rolling Stone magazine and thus be able to sneak into all the concerts with a badge (or "pass" for rednecks) and then go directly to the backstage (or dressing rooms for the old ones). And on top of that they paid him for it. Since she didn't give her life, now she is dedicated to discovering and disseminating sonic jewels in this Hispanistán of ours: she reviews records, she has created her own record label, she is a concert promoter... she even co-edits beautiful vinyl records!

And now she says she is a writer. 




Adventures and misadventures of a groupie from more to less

It all started here, with this primera tontuna literochabacana: the LaRubiaProducciones blog. In it, Nerea Larrubia reflejó her sparkling chronicle of every event on the music scene that deserves its worth and that she would honor with her presence. The goal was to be signed by Rolling Stone magazine and thus be able to sneak into all the concerts with a badge (or "pass" for rednecks). It is not known how, but he became a finalist in the 20-minute Blog Contest in 2012




This is Nerea Larrubia's second blog where she collects her favorite pequeñas musical jewellery, those Iberian records that marked her life and that humanity should know about.

(From the hisp. ár. alḥáǧa, and this from the ár. clás. ḥāǧah, necessary or valuable thing).
1. f. jewel (‖ ornament).
2. f. Precious ornament or piece of furniture.
3. f. A thing of great value and esteem.
4. f. coloq. Person or animal of excellent qualities. U.m. in sent. iron.
5. f. before flow (‖ estate).
6. adj. Bol. and Ec. Nice, nice.
good ~.
1. f. iron. Mischievous, vicious, or cunning, warned and mischievous person.


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